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NPCA Intramural 5 on 5 Basketball  Home Page

The Elite Llamas
The Hardballaz
Anonymous Fools
The Flying Clams
Shalaka Monkeys
Faculty Anti-Rust Team
The ?'s
Bill Wennington
The Cadavers
Wabbit Stew
The Franklin Town Japanese Techno Dancers
Sylvia's Hair Shoppe
Playaz Inc.
Dazed and Confused
The Maddawgz
"Boon Tate"
The Lionettes
Bill Wennington
Faculty Anti-Rust Team
The Essence of our Masculinity
Team Latvia
Rucker's Finest (censored)
The Reincarnated Deer
The Who Haa's
Your Mom
The Citystars
My Name's Lark
No Idea
Barker's Beauties
Mangled Flamingos
Proud to be Americans
The Beastly Bees
Pink Flamingos
Mad Cows
The Other Team
Cosmic Fish of Wisdom
Mexican Moles
Naturally Artificial
The PiaPie
NPCA Ballers
Us Has High IQ
7he 4m4zing Con7r47ion of Funn Machin3
The Edgeucators
Everybody Get Your Roll On
The Canadian Conundrums
Peaceful Protesters
St. Lunatics
Your Mom
The Questions
Albino Rhinos
The Hoosiers
Justice League
The Legion of Doom
My Back!...Is Fine
The Turbins Feat. Shaq
Da Big Neptizzle Wit Da Snoopy D.O. Double Gizzle
City Stars Deuce
Everybody Get Ur Roll On: Remix
King TV Ferrets
Matt's Blue Shoes
The Questions
The Other Team
The Hott Girls
City Stars: Fake Right Crossover Shoot Lefty
The Amazing Contraption of Funn Machine
The Essence of our Masculinity
The Pink Tees
The Peacocks
The Rockets
The Remix to the Peacocks
Couch Potatoes
Canadian Ninjas
You Win... Again
White T's
Home Fries
Godzilla: The Other White Meat
Who Really Cares
The Backboard Breakers
The Trapstarz
The Real Faculty All-Stars
Our Slice of Ithaca
Baby Bulls
Yo Mama's Groupies
Tenacious D.
James B. if we win, Dave Z. if we lose
What The Heck Was I Thinking
The Canadian All-Stars
7 card stud
See You In Court
Hot Tamales
Burnt Chicken
The Other Team
First Aid
The Original Grannies
Die Voegel singer nicht mehr
The Essence of Our Bourgeoisie
No Name Team 1
Yo, We're sayin' tho, can we holla at chu?
Super Sonics

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