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In this issue ... ScoreBook Announces Lifetime Player Statistics for Baseball

ScoreBook Announces a Preview of Lifetime Player Statistics for Baseball

If your team or league subscribes to ScoreBook Pro, you might have noticed a change on your team roster last week. Each player's name has become a clickable hyperlink. When you click the link, you are taken to a web page that contains your lifetime (on ScoreBook) player batting and pitching statistics for your current player ID. Here's a sample "ScoreBook Pro-enabled" player page: ... (opens in a new window)

Check out the photo, personal information, and lifetime statistics. We listed them in chronological order because all lifetime baseball statistics are presented this way.

This is the "preview" of this function, but there's a lot more on deck. Here's some of what's coming:
  • The ability to merge different ScoreBook player ID's together to get a complete player history. Some leagues have created a new identity for their players each year. This will need to be done by a league or team administrator. (This function is being piloted in several leagues before its general release. You will receive an announcement and documentation of the use of this new capability.)
  • The ability to make your player page your home page.
  • The accessibility of ScoreBook Pro enabled player lifetime statistics from National Organization and League Leader boards.
  • The ability to add your picture and biography to the page (limited to players 13 years and older)
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