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In this issue ...
  • ScoreBook restructures team baseball statistics for ScoreBook Pro customers!
  • ScoreBook makes league and team information more visible
  • From Hardball Magazine: Cory's 10 Tips on Outfield Play
  • ScoreBook improves advertising capabilities

ScoreBook restructures team baseball statistics for ScoreBook Pro customers!

ScoreBook has moved team hitting and pitching statistics to their own pages. This makes them consistent with our presentation of league and national leader statistics and will simplify our later introduction of statistics for additional sports.

To view your team statistics, simply go to your Team page and click the links for "Team Leaders - Hitting" or "Team Leaders - Pitching".

If you play baseball or softball and do not get team statistics, you should try ScoreBook Pro. Click here! to request a free 14 day trial for your team or league.

ScoreBook Pro

ScoreBook makes league and team information more visible

ScoreBook has always had the capability to enter and display league and team information, including:

League Arbitration
League FAQ
League Hall of Fame
League History
League Awards
League Office Directory
League Rules
League Sponsors
League News
League Rankings
Team Awards
Team Homepage Message
Team News
Team Sponsors
Team History

The problem is that the information was accessible through a "drop down" on the league and team home pages. Most players never knew that the information was available.

During our recent change to the league and team pages related to the display of statistics (see above story), we eliminated the "drop down" and displayed links to available information under the navigation block on the left hand side of the page.

We hope that this change will make this information more accessible to your players! Please encourage your team and league managers to fill in this useful information!

Hardball magazine Logo From Hardball Magazine: Cory's 10 Tips on Outfield Play
By Corey Conrad
Good outfield play is often under-appreciated. It is not uncommon for the outcome of a game to turn on the handling of a fly ball, or the execution of the front end of a good relay, or the fielding of a base hit. In this issue, guest instructor Cory Conrad, of the San Diego-based SoCal Baseball Academy, has ten tips to offer on good outfield play.

Athletic Position
Athletic position prior to pitch.

Tip 1:
All outfield play starts with the
athletic position as depicted to the left. The hands are positioned by the hips, the knees are bent, and the outfielder leans his head forward and positions his body to directly faces home plate. Prior to each pitch, the outfielder must “square up” in this same athletic position.
Tip 2:
When a fly ball is hit, take a
jab step to the left or right according to where ball is hit. The purpose of the jab step (see photo to right) is to allow the outfielder to establish the correct direction in which to run, and to break the inertia of the standing position.

Jab Step
Jab step in response to direction of ball.

You can read the rest of this article at

Here are some more baseball resources
  • Baseball Between the Numbers - the book that reveals, across every area of strategy and management, how the best practitioners of statistical analysis in baseball think about numbers and the game.
  • Discovering the Game within the Game - open your eyes to the game within the game ... go around the diamond, learn the positioning of infielders and outfielders, what goes on at batting practice, and much more!
  • The Last Nine Innings: Inside the Real Game - the inner workings of baseball and the changing ways insiders approach the game.

ScoreBook improves advertising capabilities

In the past, we have received many requests by members of the ScoreBook community to advertise their businesses locally. Unfortunately, we didn't have the capability to support these requests in-house and our ad agency was only looking for big campaigns. In response to these requests, we've addressed this need.

ScoreBook recently implemented a significant advance in its advertising capabilities. With this new system, you can reach many targeted audiences within the ScoreBook community with ads on the ScoreBook website, including:
  • Individual teams (or all team home pages)
  • Individual leagues (or all league home pages)
  • Individual states (New York, Texas, etc.)
  • Team managers
  • League managers
  • Individual sports (eg: baseball players, basketball players)
  • Baseball Hitting Statistic pages
  • Baseball Pitching Statistic pages
  • Game result pages
Now, you can get your message to the part of the ScoreBook community that has meaning to you. Here are examples of some previous requests that we can now handle:
  • A player in the Houston MSBL wanted to advertise his real estate business to other players in his league ... now he can!
  • A player in the Long Island MSBL who owned a mortgage company licensed to do business in New York State wanted to promote his services to all players in the state of New York ... now he can!
  • A player in New Jersey wanted to promote his specialty baseball equipment business to other baseball players on ScoreBook ... now he can!
  • A national sporting goods firm wanted to reach team managers only ... now they can!
With this introduction, we are offering two special deals on targeted ads.
  • Your team sponsor can get 100 FREE ad exposures per day on your team pages for one month. The sponsor must provide the ad in a 468x60, 728x90, or 160x600 format. This offer is good for one sponsor per team until September 30, 2006.
  • If a player in the ScoreBook community wishes to run an ad on ScoreBook, we will offer a discount of 50% off of our usual targeted ad rates. This offer is also good until September 30, 2006.
For more information on advertising on, click here!

ScoreBook reserves the right to reject any ads as documented in the ScoreBook Advertising Agreement.


John Myers

ScoreBook Pro

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