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Hardball magazine Logo Hardball Magazine - Article of the Month
This is a new feature of the newsletter. In this regular column, we will feature articles from Hardball Magazine. Dan Piro, publisher of Hardball Magazine, personally recommended our initial article "Pete Rose on Trial" by Brett Rudy.

Boston MSBL Members on ESPN Jury:
The Mock Trial of Charlie Hustle

Maybe you saw it on ESPN in July. ESPN called it "Pete Rose on Trial" and it generated a lot of rumors suggesting that Pete Rose would soon be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. After a mock trial and much deliberation, a 12-man jury determined by a vote of 8 to 4 that Pete Rose should be allowed into the Hall of Fame. Three members of the jury were members of the Boston Men's Baseball League (MSBL).

In the mock trial, Johnnie Cochran, acting as Defense Attorney, and Alan Dershowitz as Prosecutor, argued in front of a Jury and Judge the pros and cons of whether Pete Rose should be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The show was taped live for ESPN on Thursday, July 17th, 2003 at Harvard Law School's Austin Hall. It was televised that night on the network.

The show took an in-depth look at Pete Rose's baseball history and the incident that led to his banishment from The Game. Witnesses included Hank Aaron, Dave Parker, Bill "Spaceman" Lee (also an MSBL player), Steve Garvey, Bill James and other famous baseball personalities.

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