Newsletter - February 2005

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In this issue ...
  • MSBL and renew agreement
  • changes for 2005
  • 2005 Baseball / Softball League Organization
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MSBL/MABL and ScoreBook renew Agreement

The Men's Senior / Adult Baseball Leagues (MSBL/MABL) has chosen to extend its relationship with for the next five years. In the words of Brian Sigler of the MSBL:

"MSBL/MABL National is very proud to renew its’ long term agreement with  With over 300 leagues across the country and 7 national tournaments throughout the year, our members are in desperate need of an online management tool to display schedules, standings, statistics and league news.  We have found that offers all of these components while also offering outstanding customer support and an online tutorial that teaches players, coaches and league managers how best to utilize its many functions.

MSBL/MABL National looks forward to many more years of working with!"

For more information on MSBL, please visit their web site at or their national statistical leaders page at


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************************************************ changes for 2005

If you haven't been to the web site lately, you will notice some differences.  We've eliminated pop-up ads across the site. In addition, you will notice a change in the basic structure of ads as the year progresses.

We plan to implement a program where visitors to a sport-centered section of the ScoreBook site see promotional messages for products related to that sport.  For example, if you are a baseball player, you should see mainly baseball-related ads.

We have entered into Agreements with several reputable Sporting Goods companies, including the Sports Authority and FogDog Sports.  They will form the background of a “ScoreBook Store”.  Each item you purchase after clicking through an ad or link on our site will contribute to the success of ScoreBook.

Your purchases will fund the development of additional functions for the site.  As you buy your supplies for the coming year, please purchase them through links on the site.  You will be getting quality products at fair prices from reputable companies … and a portion of your purchase will be used to add new functions to the website.

2005 Baseball / Softball League Organization

As you organize your baseball or softball leagues for the coming year, please budget for ScoreBook Pro. ScoreBook Pro adds significant value to your leagues and teams through “Big League” features like Box Scores and Team Statistics.

For more information on ScoreBook Pro and to qualify for “entire-league” discounts please visit



John Myers