You do not need a ScoreBook ID and Password to complete this tutorial. Your ScoreBook ID and password will be needed when you actually set up your first league. To set up your first league, follow the steps below.

Step 1 -- Creating Your ScoreBook Account
Step 2 -- Create You First League
Step 3 -- Create Your First ScoreBook Season
Step 4 -- Assign Access Rights (To share the input of information)
Step 5 -- Create A League Manager (Record Keeper)
Step 6 -- Assign Access Rights to your Team Managers
Step 7 -- Set Up Your Season
Step 8 -- Enter Your Teams
Step 9 -- Enter Location Information for Your Home Fields
Step 10 -- Create Your Players and Team Managers
Step 11 -- Enter Your League Information
Step 12 -- Schedule Your Games
Step 13 -- Post Your Game Results