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Welcome to ScoreBook  
amateur sports league management
with Baseball/Softball statistics

Finally, reliable online tools for managing your sports league are at your fingertips, with no Webmaster's help or special software required!

We understand that amateur sports leagues are really about people and passion. We know you love sports. We also know that managing a sports league is hard work. ScoreBook.com gives you more time for the games you love and less of the headache it takes to be a good manager.

ScoreBook.com consists of two parts: "The Administrative Side", where managers enter and update league and team information, and a "Public Side" which players can see. A managers ability to keep information up to date on "The Administrative Side" will determine how rich an experience players will have when they look at their league and team pages on the "Public Side." For a deeper look at the ScoreBook, check out our League Administrator's Manual.

The magic of ScoreBook takes the job of being a League Manager and breaks it into separate tasks, which you complete at your own pace. Enter your Teams, Schedules, Seasons, League Rules and policies in ScoreBook. That's only the beginning!

With ScoreBook, you can give your Team managers the ability to enter their team's players and update information necessary to keep their own team records up-to-date. It's a great time saver.
Team Managers can post statistics game-by-game and they are automatically calculated for the entire season, league and team wide, for all players to see!
Saves you time!
ˇTeam managers enter game statistics, results and highlights
ˇLeague standings & leaders calculated automatically
ˇ After your first season, you can use the last season to build the next
League Management
ˇ Schedule & standings
ˇ Game results with highlights & photos
ˇ League leaders
Keeps you in control
ˇ Send messages to either team captains or everyone
ˇ Post bulletins on the league home page
ˇ You choose whether you or your team managers maintain team rosters
The same stats entered even create "Box Scores" just like the pros have! Post your game highlights with text you write and photos you upload! Players see League and Team updates, instantly, as they are posted! Your players will love it!

One League President has been quoted as saying, "I used to spend 20 hours a week computing league statistical leaders. Now, I just plug in my numbers and everything happens automatically. It's great!"

Other ScoreBook features help to create a forum for all league members where important information and announcements are posted with the click of a mouse! No more scheduling errors! No more crossed signals! Anyone with a web browser has instant access to up-to-date announcements, field locations, driving directions (with mapping capability) and important league policies, all of which you define.

ScoreBook was designed by league managers, for league managers. We know the work you face and we believe that once you become familiar with how ScoreBook works, you'll see that it can work wonders for you.

Click Here to Register. We recommend that you take our ScoreBook Tutorial to learn how to use the powerful features of the ScoreBook League Management Tool.

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