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Regeneron mABS Scientists

Losee Park Field # 2

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Tarrytown Recreation Thursday Coed Softball
League Leaders - Hitting
League Leaders - Pitching
Regeneron mABS Scientists Schedule
Team Total Hitting Statistics
Team Total Pitching Statistics
Team Leaders - Hitting
Team Leaders - Pitching

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Lisa Baker
Peter Barbounis
Renny Bloch
Lauren Casterella
Jennifer Cuccia
Michelle Davis
Andrew Dengler
Harold Ebrahini
Shana Elkind
Hannah Fandle
Carlos Ferreira
Mike Fettner
Devon Grote
Brian Hobbs
Ted Kaplan
Brent Ludwig
Dana Mastroangelo
Adam Mohl
Cliff Newton
Darren Perillo
Rick Pinella
Tina Piscitello
Kristi Powers
Darshi Presaud
Shauna Quinn
Mike Sivula
Alexis Smith
Catherine Stanford
John Strein
Jessica Terranova
Michael Tramaglini
Kristen Tramaglini
Team Leaders - Hitting
Team Leaders - Pitching
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