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sport image ScoreBook Newsletter Issue 3

ScoreBook News Letter Issue: 3
September 19, 2001
In this Issue:
As we all know, our nation has recently experienced a tremendous loss. Our hearts extend to all of those whose lives were torn apart by the events in New York, Washington D.C. and Western Pennsylvania.
It is our wish that you enjoy the games you play, not only because they are part of a pastime we all love, but that it binds us together.
ScoreBook.com, the official league management and statistics site for the 45,000 member Men's Senior Baseball Leagues (MSBL) and the Men's Adult Baseball Leagues (MABL), is proud to announce that we are now tracking the 2001 National Statistical Leaders for all MABL and MSBL leagues that keep their statistics ScoreBook.com
History of these statistical leaders will be maintained by calendar year.
You can view batting leaders in 13 statistical categories and pitching leaders in 12 categories. Check it out at:
and click +Batting Leaders+ or "Pitching Leaders".
ScoreBook.com, the official league management and statistics site for the 45,000 member Men's Senior Baseball Leagues (MSBL) and the Men's Adult Baseball Leagues (MABL), is proud to announce that we will be providing Statistical data coverage for the 2001 MABL World Series in Tucson Arizona and the MSBL Fall Classic in St. Petersburg/Clearwater Florida!
MSBL teams from across the country will converge on Tucson in order to determine which team will be this years champion. A number of division champs will be crowned.
If you are at the World Series, look for our booth at Tempe Diablo stadium!
To check on the status of the MSBL World Series and to see how ScoreBook can handle the job of a tournament that your League may have, check out
and click "Tournaments."
The Fall Classic will begin in early November and is expected to draw over 99 teams.
That's right! All Spanish speakers will now have ScoreBook available to them in both English and Spanish. In the coming weeks, you will notice that there will be a small "English/Espaņol" button in the top left corner of the screen.
To check out our new functionality, click on the "Espaņol" button, and ScoreBook will operate right before your eyes! We're sure that this will be a hit with many players whose native language is Spanish.
(Baseball / softball only at this point)!
Many thanks go out to those who have decided to renew their "ScoreBook Pro" memberships. We are glad to provide you with the full ScoreBook package and will work to give you added functionality in the future!
For those of you who are undecided, your past lifetime statistics and other information will be ready and waiting for you should you decide to continue your +ScoreBook Pro+ membership. Your league can still select to implement statistics and you can continue to enter them in order to continue to accumulate your lifetime statistics. Otherwise, the League Leaders and other +ScoreBook Basic+ services will remain free for you to use.

The Staff at ScoreBook.com

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