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ScoreBook News Letter Issue: 2June 27th, 2001

ScoreBook Pro implementation status

To thank all of our pioneering baseball and softball TEAMS for coming to ScoreBook.com, we have extended your TEAM's free introductory ScoreBook Pro service to thirty days beyond your existing season's end date. HAVE THE REST OF YOUR SEASON ON US ! ! ! Thank you for your support!

For new leagues from this date forward, ScoreBook Pro will be an optional paid feature of ScoreBook.com.

If you are new to ScoreBook.com, ScoreBook Pro is our optional package of team sports statistics. It is available for baseball and softball at this time. The current features within ScoreBook Pro are team statistics and game box scores that are updated instantly as they are entered. We plan to add additional function to ScoreBook Pro including individual web pages with lifetime player statistics and links from league leaders to their individual player page. ScoreBook Pro costs $99.95 per team per year.

The league functions of ScoreBook.com remain free!

League and team managers should plan ahead now for next season. Make ScoreBook Pro a part of your budget! Many league presidents have told us that they will be increasing their league fees next season and plan to pay for a ScoreBook Pro subscription for each of their teams. If your league doesn't plan to do this, you should encourage your team manager to build ScoreBook Pro into your team budget.

Teams that choose to not participate in ScoreBook Pro during any season should be encouraged to enter their statistics with their game highlights. There are several significant reasons for this, including:

  • Eligibility for league leader consideration (this is a free service)
  • Eligibility for national leader consideration (for organizations like the MABL/MSBL - this is coming soon!)
  • Maintenance of lifetime player statistics within Scorebook.com (so they are available when you "go Pro" in the future)

It is possible for a team to subscribe to ScoreBook Pro even if their league does not keep statistics. Your team will receive its team statistics and box scores (and, in the future, individual web pages with lifetime player statistics).

If you would like to have the function of ScoreBook Pro for your sport, please let us know.

NEW! ... League Manager and Team Manager User Manuals

During our months of operation, we have fielded a number of support questions submitted through the use of the "Contact ScoreBook" function on the top of each page. We have included this experience in our user manuals. There are separate manuals for league and team managers because the differences in their tasks. You can find these manuals through the links that exist on the bottom of each page.

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Look for the "ScoreBook Showcase" coming soon to the ScoreBook.com home page!

Think that you have a great ScoreBook.com league or team web site? Let us know. If we agree, you could be in the ScoreBook Showcase! Nominate your site here.

Help us improve ScoreBook.com

If you feel that ScoreBook.com can be improved, please let us know. The best way to do so is to use the "Contact ScoreBook" button on the top of any page.

Here's an example of an improvement that has been requested by many individuals. When we put together hitting statistics for baseball and softball, we decided to focus on "positive statistics" (not collecting strikeout for hitters, for example). We have received many requests to include this statistic. Our plan is to include the statistic over the Winter so that it will be available for your 2002 seasons.

Please keep those cards & letters coming!

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