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ScoreBook News Letter Issue: 1May 21st, 2001

We thank each of you that have helped to make ScoreBook.com a success. Our site traffic has been growing rapidly, but we're nowhere near capacity. If you are happy with ScoreBook.com, please tell your friends and family about the site.

Please let us know how we are doing. If there is a feature that you would like to see on the ScoreBook.com site, let us know. You can reach us by using the "Contact ScoreBook" button that is on top of the web pages.

One League President has been quoted as saying, "I used to spend 20 hours a week computing league statistical leaders. Now, I just plug in my numbers and everything happens automatically. It's great!"

Baseball and Softball Leagues receive free, sortable league statistical leaders for hitting and pitching and all other features that are included with the ScoreBook free offering.

From the Administrative side of ScoreBook, you can turn on free league statistics by specifying that you wish to "Activate League Statistics" in the "Edit League" function.

Statistics are entered as game results are posted. We highly recommend that League Presidents have Team Managers enter the game results for their own teams

We have made significant progress since our launch this past October. While speaking with many site users, we have heard a consistent message ... "Give us statistics at the team level ... give us game box scores just like the Pros". We listened. The result is our optional statistics package called "ScoreBook Pro".

ScoreBook Pro for Baseball & Softball allows hitting and pitching statistics with the ability to sort on each statistic. For the price of two adult beverages per team member, teams can enjoy a year of box scores and sortable team-level statistics for every game.

Teams that wish to "Go Pro" will have the option of ordering team statistics and box scores using the "Go Pro" function on the "Public Side" team pages. Also, Teams can maintain their statistics even if the league chooses to not have them.

Check out these sites for excellent examples of teams that use ScoreBook to its fullest:

Our free preview of ScoreBook Pro for teams will end on or about 06/15/01.

We plan to add additional function to ScoreBook Pro over time.

Nominate your league or team's site for the ScoreBook Showcase!

Think that you have a great ScoreBook.com league or team web site? Let us know. If we agree, you could be in the ScoreBook Showcase! Nominate your site on our ScoreBook Site Nomination Form

You can get directly to your league or team home page. When either a league or a team is set up in ScoreBook, there is an option to specify a web shortcut. You can see the web shortcut by using the "Bookmark this page" button that is on the bottom of your league or team home page. Examples of league & team shortcuts are:

If the web address says something like http://www.scorebook.com/..." and then a long series of letters and numbers (ex. T10000010607), then there is a default shortcut assigned.

Speak with your league or team administrator to change these to a more meaningful shortcut name.

We have received some outstanding coverage in the press. Articles about ScoreBook.com include:

The Newark, NJ based - Star Ledger
Micro Bits - Meet the companies powering the New Economy in New Jersey

News / 400 Magazine
Dot-Com Startup Shoots and Scores with iSeries

Strategic hits a Home Run with ScoreBook.com

ScoreBook.com is recognized for its efforts for Children's Online Privacy
Children+s Online Privacy Gets Tricky

ScoreBook.com reaches a very well defined target audience of active sports players. To receive a media kit, please visit our advertising page Here

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